For Students

Why participate in YouthForce Internships?

  • GAIN professional experience and exposure to high-wage, high-demand careers in New Orleans
  • BUILD your resume through quality internships with local bio & health sciences, skilled crafts and tech/digital media companies
  • DEVELOP new, hands-on job skills for success in the real world
  • EARN up to a $1,200, (tax free) award upon completion of professionalism training and internship
  • GROW your confidence so you can become a leader in our city’s growing industries
  • RECEIVE a transit pass for the duration of your professionalism training and internship

Frequently Asked Questions about YouthForce NOLA Internship Program

Q: What if I already have a part-time job – can I also participate the YouthForce Internship program?

A: Yes! It is possible for YouthForce interns to still maintain an additional part-time job. We’ve had many interns work at additional part-time jobs while still completing their internship. However, this will require additional planning, and thoughtfulness about your scheduling to ensure you are able to report for both jobs and keep up with your school responsibilities.

YouthForce NOLA suggests that any intern who holds an additional part-time job have a conversation with his/her YouthForce Internship coach and employer supervisors to let them know they are participating in this program, and provide his/her supervisor his/her internship schedule. YFI training dates are not negotiable, so students will need to schedule additional part-time work around these dates.

Q: What type of support will I receive in this program?

A: Once you complete your professionalism training, your YouthForce Coach will remain in close contact throughout the internship through regular in-person and telephonic check-ins. The purpose of the check-ins are to ensure you are enjoying your internship, feel valued and respected at your work site, and to support you through any questions or challenges with your internship. A YouthForce Coach will contact each intern on a weekly basis, alternating between phone calls and in-person visits at your work site or a central meeting point. In addition, Coaches will ensure you are successfully navigating public transportation, receiving paychecks on time, and are on track to complete your 90-hour work requirement.

Q: What will the my schedule look like during my internship?

A: For summer 2018, training sessions will take place from May 30th to June 13th. There will be additional three hour sessions on June 29, July 13, and July 20. All students are expected to commit to strong attendance, on-time arrival, and professional communication of any changes in their schedule well in advance (minimum 24 hour notice). The YouthForce Internship staff will work with each student to determine the best internship schedule, taking into account school activities and additional commitments, and then support the interns in crafting a final internship schedule with their employer. It is the full responsibility of the students to understand their schedules and to inform both their YouthForce Internship coach and their internship supervisor of dates and times they are unavailable to work at their internship.

Habitual changing of an internship schedule and absences (without advance notice) will result in removal from the program.

Q: How will I be compensated?

A: Interns will be paid an award totalling $1200 for successful completion of the 150 hours of training and internship. In order for you to receive your financial awards, you must fill out weekly timesheets and obtain a signature from their supervisor and coach. You will be provided a pay schedule on your first day of training.

Q: How will I be transported to and from training and my internship?

A: All YouthForce interns will be provided RTA passes to cover their transportation during training and their internship. YouthForce Internship coaches and staff will support the interns in mapping out their routes and planning their schedules accordingly.